A hybrid business model

There is a person in a country somewhere in the world who has initiative and insight and wants to make a difference.  There is a drive and independence that makes this person an ideal entrepreneur.  Finally and most importantly, a burning social need has been identified that should be addressed.  How does this person moveContinue reading “A hybrid business model”

Demystifying the lean startup methodology

There has been a lot of momentum around the lean startup methodology that has its origins in Silicon Valley.  The momentum is starting to create a flavour of the month backlash.  Much of this backlash, as with some other developments in the past, is the result of misunderstanding what it is and how to adopt it. Continue reading “Demystifying the lean startup methodology”

Social entrepreneurs as catalysts for building entrepreneurship

In the last post we identified the need to have entrepreneurs become the leaders in building an entrepreneurial society.  We also acknowledged that these entrepreneurs would have to choose to take a leadership role and that is not always easy to encourage.  But there may be a sub-segment of the entrepreneurial community that would beContinue reading “Social entrepreneurs as catalysts for building entrepreneurship”

The role of inventors in an entrepreneurial society

Most of the new business ideas I see are technology related to services, digital media or software.  This trend should be expected since there are many great opportunities in these sectors.  But I am beginning to feel like we have given up on making things.  If this belief I have is true it is unfortunate for us as aContinue reading “The role of inventors in an entrepreneurial society”

What is a business model?

In my last post I discussed the need for business model innovation to enable entrepreneurs to find solutions to the problems and opportunities we face.  In this post I will expand on that by proposing some structure around the term business model.  Having this structure is important if business model innovation is going to beContinue reading “What is a business model?”

Finding a real world problem to solve

As I have mentioned in previous posts a wave of entrepreneurs creating new ventures has a greater ability to solve the problems and capitalize on today’s opportunities than existing top down institutions.  Since that time I have had the opportunity to work with many entrepreneurs and speak with other mentors and funders of entrepreneurship.  WhileContinue reading “Finding a real world problem to solve”

What is the role of large companies in an entrepreneurial society

Throughout the lives of most of us large companies have dominated the economy.  They have employed the most people, produced the most goods and services and have had the greatest influence.  In recent years, though they are still dominant, there are signs of ineffectiveness in the these organizations.  They are not flexible in their approachContinue reading “What is the role of large companies in an entrepreneurial society”

Bringing about change from the ground up

It seems that each day brings more bad news and we often find it difficult to think positively about the future.  But there is a cause for optimism in the world.  Through technology we can bring together the brainpower of billions of people to create an entrepreneurial society or entreSociety. An entreSociety is one whereContinue reading “Bringing about change from the ground up”