Bringing about change from the ground up

It seems that each day brings more bad news and we often find it difficult to think positively about the future.  But there is a cause for optimism in the world.  Through technology we can bring together the brainpower of billions of people to create an entrepreneurial society or entreSociety.

An entreSociety is one where the well being of the people is built through the efforts of a large number of entrepreneurs taking on challenges and evolving their organizations.  It is no longer a top down society driven by large companies or governments.  Top down leadership is becoming less effective and in most cases causes more problems than it solves.

I have created this blog to encourage discussion on how to build this entreSociety.  We need to work together to identify and remove barriers and to provide entrepreneurs and would be entrepreneurs with what they need to succeed.

I will provide some insights and experiences I have come across working with entrepreneurs on a daily basis.  I will also put forward my ideas on what an entreSociety is and how we are doing in moving forward.  I welcome all comments and ideas that you might have.