What to do for the next ten to twenty years

Increasingly we are reading and hearing about major structural changes that are taking place in the global economy.  These changes are apparent in the weakness in Western economies while developing economies are still growing.  The seemingly permanent nature of some unemployment in the developed countries as manufacturing has moved offshore.  Some previously safe activities inContinue reading “What to do for the next ten to twenty years”

Who needs process — let’s just get out there and do it. Right?

People, especially entepreneurs, don’t like to follow process if they can avoid it.  This fact is especially true when the process is not intuitive.  We are generally driven to just get started and build stuff.  My belief about how we assess someone’s contribution is based on their list of stuff.  The people with the longer listContinue reading “Who needs process — let’s just get out there and do it. Right?”

Business model versus technology innovation

When you mention innovation people often jump straight to R&D and think about the development of technology breakthroughs.  The key measurement often used is the amount of R&D spending per employee or number of patents.  While these are interesting measures they don’t tell the whole story.  The true questions is how much money does theContinue reading “Business model versus technology innovation”

Business planning — from analysis paralysis to active learning process

We are used to seeing business plans that are many pages thick and have taken the startup team many weeks to build.  That would probably be a good way to go if we knew exactly who the customer was, what they wanted and how we were going to build it.  We would also know whatContinue reading “Business planning — from analysis paralysis to active learning process”

What kind of innovation is it? Increasing the chances of success.

There is a step we need to consider before we make a final decision on the product and the target customers.  We need to determine if the product will be a sustaining or a disruptive innovation.  I will once again use the concepts developed by Clay Christensen.  In future posts I will integrate concepts fromContinue reading “What kind of innovation is it? Increasing the chances of success.”

What kind of society do we want and how do we create it?

The first step in deciding what an entrepreneurial society should look like or whether it is even feasible we need to decide what we want as a society.  While we like to blame others for things we don’t like such as offshoring of jobs, income inequality and environmental problems we as the people of societyContinue reading “What kind of society do we want and how do we create it?”

How the entreSociety could come about

We start from where are today with a number of large corporations and government employing the bulk of  the people and having significant influence over the economy and the pace of change.  We also have a large number of small companies and not-for-profit organizations.  We have seen a growth in enterprises built not just forContinue reading “How the entreSociety could come about”

What is all this talk about innovation? Usually just talk.

A recent Globe and Mail article questioned the over use of the word Innovation and how it is at risk of becoming a meaningless term.  You can’t escape the buzz that we need more innovation.  People need to be innovative and so do governments, businesses, cities and even countries.  There are task forces created toContinue reading “What is all this talk about innovation? Usually just talk.”

What is the role of large companies in an entrepreneurial society

Throughout the lives of most of us large companies have dominated the economy.  They have employed the most people, produced the most goods and services and have had the greatest influence.  In recent years, though they are still dominant, there are signs of ineffectiveness in the these organizations.  They are not flexible in their approachContinue reading “What is the role of large companies in an entrepreneurial society”