Who we are

Right now it is just me, Vince Bulbrook. I have been working with entrepreneurs my whole career as an advisor and a mentor. Over the course of my life I have watched as the organizations and institutions I had believed were there to help stopped doing their jobs and stood by as the economy and

We use a business first approach and spend an exhaustive amount of time researching trends in technology, markets and communities to identify opportunities. By starting with the problem or solution we can work with clients to determine the best path forward before we start looking for the tools to get them there. There are so many technology solutions and so much data out there that can overwhelm managers. By starting with the problem and the solution we can clearly design new approaches without the noise. Only then do we look for the exact technology and data needed to proceed.

This same thinking that enables start ups to create innovative new business models can be used by existing organizations to transform theirs. We recognize that years of experience and knowledge creation are not a limitation if they are applied in a forward thinking manner. In fact they are the advantage that startups don’t have access to. By channeling the enormous advantages built up over years through innovative applications there is no need for an organization to face disruption.

These transformation skills with a flexible technology platform will enable the organization to constantly evolve to ensure any competitive advantage that is created is also maintained. The business and technology sides of the organization will develop a working discipline that supports this evolution. The organization will also develop the ability to work with customers and external partners in a way that keeps it focused on the future.

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